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Adnan Sempit 3


ADNAN successfully married NADIA and BOBBY finally married WAWA. They all finally happily together… but not for long! NADIA and WAWA get pregnant! ADNAN is happy because he is finally will become a father. He was prepared to take care of NADIA but turns out he is the one who got morning sickness and such. WAWA and BOBBY lead a moderate life and thus having some financial problems. WAWA gets angry at Bobby because they don’t have enough money during her pregnancy time and labour soon. ADNAN being a good friend lends BOBBY some money. But BOBBY couldn’t ask for money to ADNAN anymore after he got yelled by ADNAN who was so stressed by NADIA. BOBBY decides to race again. While ADNAN busy with his wife’s pregnancy, his father in law entrust him to manage their new branch factory. ADNAN become an important people in the company and meet ZITA. After that meeting, ADNAN and Zita become close. ADNAN often pours his problems to ZITA. NADIA finds out about ZITA and she become jealous. ADNAN and NADIA relationship become chaos and the slowly drifted apart. In the end, will BOBBY starts racing again though WAWA strictly not allowed him? Will ADNAN and NADIA will overcome their problems and be happily together like before? Wait for the answers in ACTION COMEDY film, ADNAN SEMPIT 3.

Director Ismail 'Bob' Hasim

Casts Intan Ladyana, Shaheizy Sam, Along Cham & Angah Raja Lawak

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